New Adventures

April 17, 2013 @ 5:25 PM

After 8.25 years, I have retired my position at GTxcel (née Godengo). It was certainly an interesting and educational journey. I learned a great deal about both building software and building a company from the ground up. I worked with some very talented people, to whom I am grateful for all that they taught me. I am also grateful to count them among my friends.

I will now be focusing my energies on the emerging realm of augmented reality and wearable computing. By now, we have all heard of Google's Project Glass, which heralds a new era in human-computer interfaces. While Google is the most well-known player in this space at the moment, I predict that will rapidly change. There are so many possibilities and approaches to explore, the landscape is rich and fertile for competition. As for me, I am very excited to begin building applications and experiences for these types of devices.

Of late, I have been posting more frequently on Google+ than I have here. So, I am going to now make that my default location for frequent posts and updates, while keeping this blog available for important updates that I want to retain for posterity. Follow me on Google+ if you want to keep up to date on the latest things I am thinking about.