Armageddon - the opening chapters

September 16, 2020 @ 1:13 PM

Oh wow, things just keep getting worse, don't they? Let's see - what's wrong this morning?

  1. Wildfires and hurricanes driven by climate change
  2. Poisonous air (from #1)
  3. Mass migration (from #1)
  4. Global plague
  5. Social unrest
  6. Mass delusion driven by social media
  7. An imbecilic, sociopathic madman running the federal government
  8. The United States seemingly having decided to give up on attempting to be a civilized society
  9. The water pressure was low, probably our well dried up too

Can it get any worse? Yes, of course, it can always get worse.

Watching the Social Dilemma last night with the family was the latest blow in a string of bad news. I have seen for a good while how destructive social media is, which is why I deactivated my Facebook account about a year ago, and eventually deleted it. Our family will need to devise a more sophisticated program for managing life online that goes beyond just limiting screen time. We are going to need to do better at discerning, filtering, and blocking content, and educating ourselves and our children about exactly what is happening on the other side of that screen. Just another new thing that I need to protect my children from in this world.

Trying to remain positive and optimistic is getting harder and harder, but it is the only way. The future is shaped by us, and what we believe it will be.